Family Law Seminars: All Dads Matter!

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           All Dads Matter! meetup

All Dads Matter is a Free educational family law seminar series designed to help fathers navigate during periods when their family is in transition. All Dads Matter! Read More

Family Law Seminars: All Dads Matter! meetup is a Free educational family law seminar series designed to help Fathers fully participate in the process during separation, divorce, separation, child custody, visitation, child support and contempt proceedings, – periods when their families are in transition. Each All Dads Matter! meetup consists of ongoing monthly informal meetings which are open to all and which are designed to stimulate open discussion about challenges Fathers and Husbands experience. Each month a separate family law issue which especially impacts fathers and their extended families will be covered. General questions about the process will be answered. Topics to be discussed in these seminars include separation and marital agreements, custody agreements and parenting plans, limited divorce, absolute divorce, child custody, child support, denial of visitation, contempt actions, civil protection orders/ protective orders/ peace orders, and more. The idea for these ongoing classes was conceived from the misimpression that fathers cannot fully and fairly participate in their children’s lives once a court case is initiated. The meetup is premised upon the core belief that both parents are fundamental and that it is never too late to open the lines of communication and to start participating. Meetups are held once per month at The Law Office of Geralyn R. Lawrence, LLC located at 9701 Apollo Drive, Suite 301 in Upper Marlboro, MD 20774. For Questions feel free to call the Firm at (301) 925-2525.

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