Child Support

Maryland Child Support Laws

In Maryland, whether the parents are divorced, separated, or never married, parents are required to support their children according to Maryland Child Support Laws.  Effective representation at Maryland and the District of Columbia child support hearings requires an understanding of the laws and facts of each case.  Usually, child support in Maryland is calculated according to the Maryland Child Support Guidelines.  But agreements between parents can be negotiated and adopted by the Court, and/or disputes settled out of Court.

The Maryland Child Support Guidelines

It’s a mathematical formula which can lead to surprising results.  Still,  there are things that you can do to affect how much you (or the other parent ) fairly pays in court-ordered child support.  If you have questions about a child support hearing coming up, how child support will be calculated in your situation or want to start a case against the other parent, you can discuss your case with an experienced lawyer familiar with the relevant factors.


  • Mother’s Income
  • Father’s Income
  • Number of children
  • Number of overnights
  • Work-Related Child Care Expenses
  • Health Insurance costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Extraordinary Medical Expenses
  • Educational Expenses
  • Child support  being paid for a previous child
  • Alimony being paid or received

The goal of the Maryland Child Support Guidelines is to ensure that each child receives the benefit of the same proportional amount of parental income that the child would have received if their parents still lived together.   Usually, in Maryland, child support will continue until a child reaches the age of eighteen (18) or graduates from high school.

Information to Properly Calculate Child Support

Your attorney can help you answer any questions that you may have about the process.  As a parent with questions or concerns about child support in Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Charles County,  Anne Arundel County, Maryland, you may contact The Law Office of Geralyn R. Lawrence. Attorney Geralyn R. Lawrence has successfully handled cases involving child support.   Questions? Call (301) 925-2525.