Child Custody

Who Knows What’s Best for Your Children? Better than You Do?

Child custody disputes are often the most stressful part of the Family Law process, but the most important. Our goal is to help you protect your children from the emotional damage that can occur when parents separate. At our firm, we care about the children and how decisions impact their future. We are committed to ensuring that any negative effects are minimized and that you achieve a schedule that is in the child’s best interest. We work together with you to gather vital information, devise a comprehensive strategy and keep you fully informed throughout the legal process.
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You are the best person to decide what is in the best interest of your children rather than the courts – which do not know your children as you do. We strive to help you achieve what is best for your family, whether negotiated settlement, a collaborative divorce or litigation preparation through to trial. You should have strong, committed representation through every phase of the litigation process.

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